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About Art By Panda Broad

Allow me to introduce myself....Panda Broad. I live in beautiful Bridgetown in the South West of Western Australia. My home is situated near the Blackwood River and forest. I am grateful every day.

A few years ago, I was introduced to an "automatic writer". I was informed I would be "Creating Magical Visions with my Golden Eye". My spirit name is Petruska. I was introduced to my Spirit Guides "Joy" and "Beauty". I had no idea what my "Golden Eye" was, but a few months later I met my mentor, Henry Achenbach, photographer, who introduced me to a Sony camera, my "Golden Eye".

Taking pictures of trees, flowers, water, moon, sun, sky, Mother Earth, I began to see the Beautiful Faces eyes "opened".

The Magical Visions will inspire and provoke. Like the Rorschach, everyone sees something different. You may be able to direct another's eyes to "see" just as another viewing the same vision, may be able to direct yours.

A few years ago my father died. Before he dies, as he lay in his hospital bed, I placed one of the Magical Visions in front of him. After about five minutes, dad slowly took my hand, looked into my eyes and said "Pat, there is so much in there"..."yes dad, and so much more" XXX.

My inspiration is our Mother Earth. We are surrounded with such beauty. Life moves so quickly, we move so quickly. We tend to miss a lot.

I invite you to take your time when viewing these Magical Visions. Some can be turned upside down and there is so much more. Endless possibilities.

What do you see?

Joy and Beauty Always

Panda Broad

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